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Montana Gold Spray Paint Gold Chrome

List Price:  $9.75
Montana Gold Spray Paint Gold Chrome
UPC: 4048500440700
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Montana Gold Spray Paint Gold Chrome
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Add a Little Color to Your Life! Montana GOLD features 91 different silky colors. Compared to conventional spray cans, Montana Gold covers twice the area. There is virtually no overspray, and it’s practically odor-free. The paint provides extraordinary opacity and dries quickly.
This is a New Generation of Spray Paints. Never before have such high-quality colors been available in spray cans, and never before have spray cans been designed so ingeniously! New GOLD by MONTANA CANS makes painting or redecorating as easy as it is satisfying.
Choose your Spray Width. Thanks to a variety of nozzle sizes you can change the width of the spray to achieve different effects for different projects. The 5 special spray caps allow you to customize your spray width from very thin to very wide. The cap system also combines low and high pressure performance in the same can. The spring in the valve system facilitates fine details in small areas as well as filling larger areas in only a few minutes.
Want to know what color you’re painting with? It’s no problem with our GOLD can. The color of the paint is shown on the top of each can so you can always see the color! Montana Gold raises the bar with this spray paint. With its wide range of potential uses, this unique product offers a whole host of opportunities for self-expression, decoration and DIY projects.
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Download this brochure highlighting Montana color choices, including innovative product uses and DIY ideas. (7,064KB PDF)

Download Montana Product Info Sheet. (1731KB PDF)

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