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Prat Pampa Spiral Book 5"x7" Black 20 Sheets

Manufacturer:  Prat
List Price:  $86.20
Pampa Spiral Book 5"x7" Black 20 Sheets
UPC: 701002007171
In Stock: YES

Prat Pampa Spiral Book 5"x7" Black 20 Sheets
Total: $64.37

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If you're a seasoned pro in it for the long haul, you need a book that will last. Pampa by Prat is a book that grows and transitions with you. The Pampa Spiral Book is completely refillable with a unique modular spiral mechanism that opens easily to add or subtract pages, but closes securely to prevent anything from falling out on its own.

The book comes standard with 20 double-sided Archival Cristal Laser polypropylene pages-meaning the protective covers actually protect, they won't eat at or stick to the work that is inside.  The pages are protected by a stiff internal cover wrapped in a soft, black bonded leather external cover with a lappet closure keep it from opening up inside a briefcase or handbag.