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Humanscale Freedom Task Chair With Advanced Arms

Manufacturer:  Humanscale
List Price:  $1,269.00
Freedom Task Chair With Advanced Arms
UPC: 3009037
In Stock: YES

Sam Flax stocks the upgraded gel padding in its Humanscale products. Gel padding with adjustable seat depth and backrest height. Advanced Arms means the arms adjust both up & down and in & out
Total: $1,059.00

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Humanscale Freedom Chair: Comfort you don’t have to think about.

Just sit. That’s the idea behind the Freedom Chair. Once the chair is fitted, no further adjustment is required. You get all the benefits of cutting-edge ergonomic design, without pressing levers, releasing locks or turning knobs.
Lean back, sit up, and the chair stays with you.
You get the right support through the full range of recline motion. Large person or small, the Self-Adjusting Recline feature keeps you comfortable—and keeps your eye-level constant. Torso to leg angle stays open to maintain good circulation.
Your back will thank you.
The Dual Pivot Backrest adjusts to your special spine, providing up to 1” additional lumbar support if you need it.
Armrests your co-workers will envy.  
Natural lift and release action moves both armrests at the same time—without buttons or locks. Push them all the way below thigh-level for close desk work, or all the way up to support forearms when you’re typing. Go ahead and recline—armrests are attached to the back, and stay in same relation to your body. And they’re cushioned with Technogel®, to pamper elbows and wrists.
Cradle your head and neck in comfort.
The position-sensitive headrest moves into place when you recline and out of the way when you sit up. The natural arc movement supports your head and neck through the full range of recline. 5" vertical adjustment places the contoured headrest in the best position for you.
No guessing on the right chair size. Our seat height range fits 90% of the population. 
Our seat is contoured to fit yours.
Cushion is carefully sculpted to match your body contours. This increases the contact area between you and the chair, reducing pressure points. And no worries about worn cushions—these are modular, making them easily replaced.
One size adjusts to fit over 95% of the population.

 - Headrest: 5" vertical adjustment range
 - Seat Height: 5 1/3" adjustment range
 - Seat Depth: 3" adjustment range
 - Backrest / Lumbar Support Height: 3" adjustment

We are proud to be a Humanscale Authorized Reseller. Please view their Authorized Reseller Policy by clicking the link below:


Freedom Brochure (PDF)